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Find Self-Love, Confidence & Yourself through Fitness

Unleash your inner bad*ss! Discover your true potential when you're pushed out of your comfort zone and show up for yourself consistently.

Take the guesswork out of weight training. Follow a program that's designed to work WITH your body, not against it.


πŸ”₯ INTRO TRAINING PACKAGE: 5 SESSIONS FOR $250πŸ”₯ help with those daily aches and pains, improve posture, and prevent future injury.



Have you tried approaching fitness from a place of self-care/self-love rather than a form of self-hatred? We all should take the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and what our bodies are capable of.


Let's discuss your goals, current fitness level, and further background information so I can thoroughly customize this program for YOU.

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My Journey to a Balanced Life

Overcoming Obesity

I struggled with borderline obesity the majority of my life. I often used food as a coping mechanism for my mental health struggles.

At 18 years old, after a tough talk with my doctor, I jumped into the fitness world head first. I fell in love with learning more, challenging myself, and helping others.

But I started to become obsessed with achieving the "perfect" body.

After losing a significant amount of weight, I spiraled into the world of eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

It wasn't until I hit rock bottom and started recovery that I recognized what i wanted, what would truly make me happy: finding balance.

Finding Balance

Now I teach my clients everything I learned: fitness is not about obtaining the perfect aesthetic.

Fitness is about making you feel like your best, badass, most empowered self.

I love teaching clients in fun, creative, inventive, and empowering ways that feel good.

Empowering Self Care

A collage of Rebecca through different stages of her life, detailing how she overcame obesity
A collage of Rebecca through different stages of her life, detailing how she overcame obesity

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