Personal Training Services

Welcome, I'm Rebecca, your body-positive personal trainer!

Unlike traditional training that focuses only on aesthetics, my approach focuses on your overall well-being, practicing self-care, and building confidence.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, get ready for a transformative experience that honors the unique individual you are.

Redemptive Rebecca Training

60-Minute Personal Training (1x/week: $65/session, 2x/week: $60/session, 3x/week: $55/session)

Small Group Training

(First class FREE, then $35/class)

Partner Training ($45/person)


After that, pricing increases based off of frequency:

1️⃣ Initial Assessment

The first step is always about understanding you! We'll sit down for an initial assessment to discuss your fitness goals, your current physical state, and any limitations or health concerns you might have. This essential meeting allows me to craft a workout plan that's customized just for you.


Your Personalized Training Session

Now, we dive into your tailored workout session. Each session is optimized to offer you a comprehensive fitness experience focused on achieving your specific goals.

Here’s How I Structure Your Workouts:

  • Warm-Up: Warming up isn't just a preliminary step; it's an essential part of preparing both your body and mind for what’s ahead. Proper warm-ups help minimize the risk of injuries and set the stage for an effective workout.

  • Exercise: This is the core of your session. Depending on your goals—whether it's building strength, weight loss, or enhancing your overall fitness—the exercises are designed to offer maximum results.

  • Cooldown: Never underestimate the power of a good cooldown. This helps to gradually lower your heart rate and reduce muscle tension. It's crucial for a quicker recovery and minimizes post-workout soreness.

3️⃣ Post-Workout Chat

After we've wrapped up the session, we’ll take a few minutes to discuss your impressions, achievements, and challenges. This conversation is essential for making adjustments and improvements for future sessions.

4️⃣ Follow-Up and Continued Support

Your fitness journey extends beyond the gym. Expect to receive homework exercises, nutritional guidance, and other helpful resources to keep you committed and motivated until our next session.




Your Journey Starts Here: What to Expect

Diverse Training Styles for Holistic Fitness

Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all journey, so I use various training styles to help you meet your needs and goals. From boosting your endurance to improving your mental well-being, my goal is to help you gain as many benefits as possible. So here's what you can look forward to in our trainings:

💪 Strength Training

What You'll Gain: Enhanced muscle strength and joint function. This approach is key for improving your ability to carry out daily activities and promoting long-term musculoskeletal health.

👟 High-Intensity Interval Training

What You'll Gain: Improved cardiovascular health and a natural energy boost. You'll find this style effective for heart health and vitality.

🔁 Circuit Training

What You'll Gain: A combination of exercises with little to no rest in between each set, designed to build your endurance and promote heart health.

🤸‍♀️ Functional Training

What You'll Gain: Exercises that prepare you for the movements and activities you encounter in daily life. Expect to see improvements in your natural movement patterns and coordination.

🕺 Flexibility and Mobility Work

What You'll Gain: A focus on enhancing your range of motion and reducing muscle stiffness, so you can move more freely and comfortably in your day-to-day life

The Body-Positive Trainer Advantage

When it comes to choosing a personal trainer, the philosophy behind the training can be as important as the exercises themselves. That's why it's essential to understand the unique benefits of working with a body-positive trainer.

Body-Positive Trainer

  • Holistic View of Health: I take a holistic approach to your well-being. With me, it’s not just about numbers on a scale; it’s about emotional, mental, and physical health.

  • Individualized Approach: By working together, I make sure our workout plan aligns with your personal goals, whether that's increasing flexibility, building stamina, or simply feeling better in your day-to-day life rather than strictly focusing on weight loss or muscle gain.

  • Self-Compassion Over Critique: My aim is to help you foster a positive relationship between you and your body. Instead of setting unrealistically high standards and focusing on ‘flaws,’ we'll concentrate on what your body can achieve.

  • Inclusive Environment: With me, everyone belongs. Regardless of your shape, size, or fitness level, you'll always feel welcome and encouraged.

  • Mindfulness: Beyond the physical workout, my body-positive approach also involves mindfulness techniques to help you become aware of your body and the amazing things it can do.

Standard Trainer

  • Fitness-Centric: While a standard trainer can help you get in shape, the primary focus is often limited to physical outcomes like weight loss, muscle building, or athletic performance.

  • One-Size-Fits-All: Traditional programs may not consider your emotional relationship with your body, potentially leading to stress or burnout.

  • Performance Metrics: The emphasis is usually on measuring success through numbers like weight, body measurements, or how much you can lift, which may not resonate with everyone.

  • Competitive Atmosphere: Standard training sessions can sometimes involve a level of competitiveness that might make some people uncomfortable or stressed.

  • Physical Only: The focus is primarily on physical activity, with less consideration for mental well-being or overall life balance.

What Results Can You Expect and When?

Committing to a fitness journey with me is not just about changing numbers on a scale or how you look in a mirror—it’s about holistic well-being. So here are some results you can expect working with me and how long it will take to see them.

Mood Improvement

  • Timeline: 1-2 Weeks

  • What to Expect: Increased endorphin levels from regular exercise can elevate your mood and reduce stress and anxiety. You'll likely notice an uptick in your overall sense of well-being fairly quickly.

Enhanced Sleep Quality

  • Timeline: 2-4 Weeks

  • What to Expect: Exercise helps regulate your circadian rhythm, which can result in better sleep quality. You may find it easier to fall and stay asleep.

Increased Energy Levels

  • Timeline: 1-3 Weeks

  • What to Expect: As your cardiovascular system becomes more efficient, you'll start to experience more energy throughout the day.

Improved Resilience

  • Timeline: 2-6 Months

  • What to Expect: Over time, consistent training will help you become more resilient, both physically and mentally. You’ll find you’re better equipped to handle physical challenges and stress.

Enhanced Flexibility and Posture

  • Timeline: 1-3 Months

  • What to Expect: As you engage in a balanced exercise regimen that includes stretching and strength training, you can expect to see improvements in your flexibility and posture.

Endurance and Stamina

  • Timeline: 1-2 Months

  • What to Expect: Cardiovascular and muscular endurance will improve, allowing you to perform daily activities with greater ease and comfort.

🔔 Remember, these are general guidelines, and individual results may vary. The key to achieving these benefits is consistency, commitment, and a personalized approach that I provide to help you meet your unique needs and goals.

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Specialized Training for Special Populations

Your fitness journey is unique, and so are your needs. That's why you can expect a tailored experience that goes beyond the "one-size-fits-all" approach. Specialized training is offered for a variety of special populations, including:


  • What to Expect: Emphasis on low-impact exercises, flexibility, balance, and strength to maintain functional independence.

Prenatal and Postnatal Women

  • What to Expect: Safe, effective workouts that adapt to your changing body and needs, focusing on core strength and overall well-being.

People with Disabilities

  • What to Expect: Adaptive techniques and equipment to make exercise accessible and achievable, irrespective of mobility limitations.

Individuals with Chronic Conditions

  • What to Expect: Carefully planned exercise regimens that consider conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, aligned with medical guidelines and recommendations.

Youth and Adolescents

  • What to Expect: Age-appropriate fitness programs that emphasize healthy habits, motor skills, and positive body image.


  • What to Expect: Post-injury or surgery rehabilitation exercises to regain strength, mobility, and function.

Whether you belong to one of these special populations or are interested in general fitness, you'll find a welcoming and adaptable training environment. The goal is to make fitness achievable and beneficial for everyone, regardless of age, physical condition, or life stage.


You can find me conveniently located in Orlando, FL, where I collaborate with The GymLab facilities to offer specialized training. To find the facility, look for the South Orange Business Center and look for the storage unit labeled with The GymLab.

Whether you're nearby or coming from a distance, the welcoming space at The GymLab is the perfect setting for achieving your fitness goals.